Winter to Spring

I am looking forward to spring.  I always start feeling this deep desire for warmth and sunshine this time of year, which makes the coming of spring even more wonderful.  I miss the cheery chirp of birds, the green of the trees, the sweet smell in the air, the warm breeze, the feel of a sleeveless shirt and shorts, bare feet, the coming of asparagus, tomatoes, okra, lettuce, I could go on.  I am looking forward to mornings at the Farmer’s Market, long walks in the woods, a swim in a chilly lake, hiking in the mountains, and all the other things that come along with warmer weather.  Here’s a photo from the Eno River State Park in NC back when the leaves were green.  I long for it.


I found this old picture while working on a multimedia piece for the Our State magazine March issue.  Keep your eyes peeled for my next post, which will have the video I did featuring the Eno River and river guide Banks Dixon.