Strawberry Shortcake, Chicks and Seedlings

Today Aaron was called into work at the firm. Going to the office on the weekend isn’t all that fun, so I decided to take something yummy to him at his office. I had all the ingredients for strawberry shortcake and made enough so his coworkers could enjoy it as well. It was quite a hit! Send me a message if you’d like the recipe.


Before Aaron had to go to work, we took the chicks out to scratch around in the yard for the first time. It was really neat watching them peck around for seeds and bugs. They are only a few days old but instinctively know how to look for food, shelter, and they know they need to stay in a group for safety. Little chickens are born into the world already able to take care of themselves while humans are helpless for years after birth. It’s very interesting how different creatures have evolved to meet the requirements of their environment. I was laying in the grass to get some better shots of them, and little Hazel walked up under my arm and seemed curious about what I was doing. She’s still my favorite.


I got some fertile soil delivered last week in preparation for planting in the garden. A few weeks ago, I started the bell peppers, collards, broccoli, jalepenos, rosemary and basil indoors, and most of them are looking ready for planting outside. A bit later, I started the eggplant, Brandywine & Sun Gold tomatoes. The first tomato seedlings have finally appeared, and I am so excited about them. Sun Gold tomatoes are very small, sweet, and I eat them like candy. I can’t wait for them to grow and become ripe!!


Sam - These are really fun pictures–it looks like you are really doing well with your cooking and your miniature farm! I also like your comments on living things. In the philosophy book I gave you, I think you would really enjoy page 189-191 and 193 (starting at the heading) through the second paragraph on 195.

Kate - WOW you are one talented woman my friend xxx