Sample Album!

I have been waiting for weeks to finally get my first Cypress sample album in the mail. Today it arrived, and I couldn’t be happier with it! It was taking me months of searching for the perfect album company, and with all the options out there, I just couldn’t find something I would want to put in my own living room. There are a lot of brown leather albums out there and no offense, but they just don’t do it for me. What really got my attention was the wide variety of gorgeous colors of silk fabric offered by Cypress albums. Also, each album is handcrafted and just so elegant and beautiful. What a winner! For the sample album, I used photos from Kristina and Matt’s October wedding and a couple from Hoda and Kiarash’s engagement session.









As you can see, the albums and boxes come in a lot of different fabulous colors.



Dad - They look terrific! You have good taste.

Melissa Williamson - SO pretty!!! I have been wanting to take a different turn with my album offers…I am totally with ya. I may just have to mosey on over to this company and check them out! Beautiful.

Maggie - Pretty album, pretty pictures!