Ready for the Snow

It is snowing outside tonight, and we are supposed to get several inches here in Salisbury. That’s right, I said Salisbury not Carrboro. I moved! It’s been crazy lately trying to get organized and deal with all of the things that come along with moving. The whole thing was a lot easier than usual considering that I’ve spent a lot of time in Salisbury vising Aaron over the last several months and have had time to get accustomed to everything.  To those of you who have never been to Salisbury (I hadn’t before I met Aaron), Salisbury is an hour south of Greensboro and an hour north of Charlotte on I-85. It is where the NC soft drink Cheerwine comes from and it is where Food Lion got started. Salisbury has a lot of history and has an old train station, and you can hear and see trains when you drive through town.

At first I thought Aaron was nuts for wanting to move back to his hometown after he graduated from law school because it’s a small town and there’s not a whole lot going on. Soon I found out why he loves Salisbury, and now I love it too. People here are very friendly. Whenever I go to the bank or the post office, people call me by my first name and are genuinely interested in how I am doing. (It probably helps that my name rhymes) I always thought that the places I’ve lived were friendly places, but I haven’t really experienced living in a small town before, and I quite like it! Salisbury doesn’t have the things that you find in a larger city, but it has everything that I need. :)

I can see the ground is coated in white through the window, and I can’t wait to go run around in it tomorrow with Aaron and the Rio dog. Here is a picture of Rio getting ready for tomorrow.