My Little Girl

This is my little Heidi girl!  She turned 2 in February.  I love seeing her personality grow and grow.  Heidi is definitely interested in doing everything herself these days but still loves snuggles with mommy and daddy.  She’s a little bashful around new people but opens up after a bit and will tell you all […]

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Molly Carpenter - Great photos of your precious Heidi! I can’t wait to meet the July addition! I love you guys so much! Happy Mother’s Day, Jenny!

Tina - Sooooooo adorable! I can’t believe how much she’s grown – time goes way too fast!

I’ve got news!

I’m expecting!  this isn’t new info for people that know me personally.  I’ll be 28 weeks along tomorrow.  Hello 3rd trimester!!!!  I was putting off posting about my pregnancy until after I posted photos from my vacation to Hawaii from January, but I just haven’t gotten around to going through the thousands of photos I took. […]

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Rain on your wedding day

Rain on your wedding day… it’s not something any bride wants to see, but it is considered good luck and can make for some great photos if you are willing to get your feet wet! : )  I love this frame from Jenna and Greg’s wedding at Castle Ladyhawk from last weekend.  More photos to come […]

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