I have the best dog in the whole world

I know everyone thinks their dog is the best in the world, but I am pretty certain I actually have THE BEST. I got Rio from a rescue during this past summer, and he is the most affectionate, sweet, happy, fun dog I’ve ever met. He had some separation anxiety issues at first because he was adopted as a puppy and abandoned, but he’s totally ok being left alone now since he knows I’m coming back home to him! He takes me on hour + walks and runs every day and always seems to have more energy. Best hiking buddy ever! You can see my honey, Aaron, in a few of the photos with Rio. The two men in my life… :)










Allison Young - omg he is the cutest thing EVER. man and (wo)man’s best friend: what more do you need?

Emily Myrick - I might come steal him from you!