This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. I took it from the condo we stayed at on Maui.  There was a gorgeous rainbow, and you can see a big whale splash out there to the right.  I’m cool with finding whales at the bottom of a rainbow instead of a pot of gold.



At the end of January and beginning of February, I went to Hawaii with my family.  It was the trip of a lifetime!  My parents were married there about 32 years ago, and it was so special seeing the place they had their ceremony and getting to experience the Hawaiian islands with them.  We spent a couple of days on Oahu, then several days on the Big Island and finished up on Maui, which was my favorite.  It was definitely a long trip to make while pregnant and with an almost 2 year old, but it was great having so many laps for her to bounce between on the plane.  I’ve always wanted to see Hawaii, and it was so special sharing it with my daughter, husband and parents.2016-07-01_0002

The photos above were at the hotel where my parents were married, the Kahala Hotel and Resort.  It was so beautiful!  You can swim with dolphins there!2016-07-01_00032016-07-01_0004

Heidi loves her Papa!2016-07-01_00052016-07-01_0006

Delicious shaved ice.  We found this amazing place called the Local, where they had fresh fruit juices on the shaved ice instead of the typical artificially flavored and colored junk.  They were so yummy!  They had flavors like lemon, ginger, and passion fruit.2016-07-01_00072016-07-01_0008

We visited the Byodo-In Temple on a whim, and we were so glad we did.  It was such a beautiful and serene place.2016-07-01_00092016-07-01_00102016-07-01_00112016-07-01_0012

THE BIG ISLAND2016-07-01_0013

Kilauea Volcano!2016-07-01_0014

A lava tube, formed when hot lava flows through the ground and leaves a hole.  So neat!2016-07-01_00152016-07-01_0016

The giant ferns were unbelievable!2016-07-01_00172016-07-01_00182016-07-01_00192016-07-01_0020

Aaron took the above photos on a sunrise trip to the Mauna Kea Observatory.  Doesn’t it look like the moon!?2016-07-01_0021

The gorgeous Akaka Falls.

The fuzzy looking red fruit with the white jelly-like inside was my favorite in Hawaii.  It is called rambutan and was sooooooo good.  I could not get enough of them.  2016-07-01_0032

There were so many different kids of delicious fruit in Hawaii.  I can’t get enough fruit when I’m pregnant, so it made me very happy.  I ate papaya, pineapple, bananas, mango and so many other fruits almost every day at breakfast.2016-07-01_0033

There were many varieties of bananas including the the tiny one in the photo of Aaron above.  So little!2016-07-01_0034

My mom and I visited the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden on the Big Island and were blown away.  She and I are flower lovers and it was a delight to see all the amazing flora there.2016-07-01_00352016-07-01_00362016-07-01_00372016-07-01_00382016-07-01_0039

This orchid looked just like a face!2016-07-01_00402016-07-01_0041

Aaron and I went on a long, hot hike to a green sand beach, which was neat to see!  The green hue in the sand comes from the olivine in this particular spot.


If I ever get to visit Maui again, I’d like to stay at the Napili Kai Beach Resort.  We discovered it when searching for a good place to eat breakfast.  The Ocean House has the most amazing view and great food.  I saw so many whales jumping while we were eating our breakfast.

Humpback whales galore!  It was their breeding and calving season, and we saw SO MANY WHALES.  Seeing humpback whales was on my bucket list, and it was magical seeing these incredible animals up close.  If you ever visit Maui, go in Jan or Feb to see the whales.2016-07-01_0045


We saw this momma and baby breaching together from the porch of our condo.  All you’d have to do is sit for a few minutes and you could see whales jumping and blowing.  It was unreal!2016-07-01_0051

We had several long car rides, and I caught this silly Heidi face on one of them.2016-07-01_00522016-07-01_00532016-07-01_0054

Laua time!2016-07-01_0055

This goofy seal had it’s head buried in the sand right near our Laua, the Feast at Lele.2016-07-01_0056

The food at the luau was soooo good. I loved how they served tender cooked baby ferns.2016-07-01_00572016-07-01_00582016-07-01_00592016-07-01_00602016-07-01_00612016-07-01_00622016-07-01_00632016-07-01_0064

Can you spot the cat?2016-07-01_0065

We loved the Road to Hana. Such a scenic drive!2016-07-01_00662016-07-01_0067

Black sand beach!  This may have been my favorite spot in all of Hawaii.  The black sand was amazing, as well as the incredible rock formations, cave, and campground.  I’d love to come back and camp there when our kids are older.2016-07-01_00682016-07-01_00692016-07-01_00702016-07-01_00712016-07-01_00722016-07-01_0073

My cave girl2016-07-01_00742016-07-01_00752016-07-01_0076

We went on a whale watching trip with Trilogy Excursions and it did not disappoint!  It was one of the highlights of our trip for sure.2016-07-01_00772016-07-01_00782016-07-01_00792016-07-01_00802016-07-01_00812016-07-01_00822016-07-01_0083

View from our condo at the Kahana Sunset.2016-07-01_00842016-07-01_00852016-07-01_00862016-07-01_00872016-07-01_00882016-07-01_00892016-07-01_0090

The beach at the Sheraton was great.  Heidi loved playing in the sand!2016-07-01_00912016-07-01_00922016-07-01_0093

Can you spot the whale tale?  We enjoyed the cliff dive ceremony at the Maui Sheraton the last 2 nights of our trip.

All in all, it was an amazing trip!

Georgi Goss - I loved the photos of your trip. Will you order two prints for me of the photos that have you, Heidi, and Aaron together in them? One is at the Byodi Temple and the other has a waterfall in the background and Heidi is wearing a white bonnet.

Melissa - Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I especially love the many faces of Heidi pie and the one of her grabbing for the cat, too cute!

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