Bike Baskets for Dogs

My mom sells bike baskets that carry dogs, and her business is called Cynthia’s Twigs. The baskets are super cute and you can get liners and pillows to put in them, and a harness to keep your dog from jumping out. When we lived in Holland, we rode bikes everywhere- literally, to the store, to school, to town, to the beach.  A lot of folks used willow bike baskets, and we started using them as well and took them home with us when we moved back to Texas.  When I was in 2nd grade, we got a beagle puppy, and she absolutely loved riding in the basket for her entire life. My mom has been in business for 18 years and is still going strong. I learned a lot about starting a business from her, and more importantly, how much work goes into it. You can see her website here. Check out this adorable video one of her customers made.

Here’s a photo of me and Freckles when I was a kid.


Kate - Wow, what amazing memories!!!!!