Asheville Family Photos

Asheville family photosThis family traveled all the way from Chicago and Florida to visit Asheville, and asked me to photograph them at the house they rented for the week in South Asheville. It was literally 5 minutes from my parent’s house, so it was quite convenient! It was a gorgeous spot with a pond in the back yard and a little farm! Here’s the link to the property if you are interested. ┬áloved photographing this family! They were on vacation and definitely had a relaxed and fun-loving attitude as a result.

This was my first shoot back after taking a month off for maternity leave, and it was so nice to get out of the house and switch out of mom mode for a bit, though I love being a mom to my two sweeties, of course! I definitely feel like being a parent has helped me be a better photographer of children since I can relate more easily and have some tricks up my sleeve for getting their attention and helping to get some sincere smiles. Before I had kids, photographing kids used to make me a little nervous but now I LOVE photographing children.


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