Friday Night Football!

The East Chapel Hill High School football team hadn’t won a single game in nearly 2 years, and it had been since August in 2005 the last time they won a home game.  On Friday night’s Homecoming game, things changed when the Wildcats won against Northern Durham 24-21.  It was incredible to see the football […]

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Emily Myrick - Awesome!! it really captures the excitement of the night. I got goosebumps looking at the photos!

cynthia - Jen
These pictures were fantastic! You could just feel the joy these guys were feeling after winning the game! I know the parents were thrilled with those pics! Have you thought about doing the deal about the games and performances at the local high schools like you were talking about?


Some photographers that I admire and who inspire me: Red Leaf Studios, in Canada Tracy Turpen, in South Carolina Carmen Troesser Photography, in Missouri Will & Deni McIntyre Photography, in North Carolina

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Emily and Perry had a wedding that was so right for both of them. I had the pleasure of being Emily’s housemate, and I went to high school with Perry, so I had the chance to get to know them both pretty well, and I can say that they are both really wonderful people who […]

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KRISTINA & MATT MARRIED! Greensboro wedding photographer

Kristina and Matt were married at the beautiful Hodgin Valley Farm on Saturday, October 3rd. The day was absolutely gorgeous, and you could feel the hint of fall in the air by evening. Being the spirited, fun couple they are, the wedding was a blast and was filled with tons of dancing! K&M’s family and […]

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sam - Fun pictures!

Melissa - Love this set! My favorite is the girl hula hooping with the beer. Classy. :)