My name is Jenny Tenney (it rhymes!), and I am a wedding and portrait photographer. Salisbury, NC is my home and I am available for travel worldwide. Let me know if you like something you see. I'd love to hear from you!

Winter to Spring

I am looking forward to spring.  I always start feeling this deep desire for warmth and sunshine this time of year, which makes the coming of spring even more wonderful.  I miss the cheery chirp of birds, the green of the trees, the sweet smell in the air, the warm breeze, the feel of a […]

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These pictures are from last weekend when we got some beautiful snow in Salisbury.  Luckily we didn’t get caught in the “snowpacolypse” of this weekend like some folks in DC.  I hear they got something like 2 feet of snow!

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Have you ever seen an alpaca in person?  They are so cute and so odd.  I think my favorite thing about them are their goofy tails and funny halo of fuzzy hair around their heads.  Recently I went wine tasting at some of the wineries on the Haw River Wine Trail, and our last stop […]

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T Mason - Jenny! You’re awesome. Keep up the amazing work.

I’m so proud of you and so glad that you’re living the dream!

Ready for the Snow

It is snowing outside tonight, and we are supposed to get several inches here in Salisbury. That’s right, I said Salisbury not Carrboro. I moved! It’s been crazy lately trying to get organized and deal with all of the things that come along with moving. The whole thing was a lot easier than usual considering […]

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