A couple of months ago, I thought I heard a rooster crowing somewhere in our neighborhood but decided I was probably hearing things and wishing I was on a farm. To my delight, a few days later I saw a few chickens pecking around outside the house. It turns out our next door neighbor keeps […]

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Chicken Update » Jenny Tenney Blog - […] You can see more photos of them when they were little cuties here. […]


Aaron and I have been cooking up some tasty dishes lately.  My favorite is Jalapeno-Cheese Grits from the Southern Living Cookbook that my mom gave me for Christmas.  It must have something addictive in it because I seriously can’t stop eating it.  It is so GOOD. It’s a shame grits gets a bad reputation because […]

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Melissa Williamson - The food looks DELICIOUS. And hooray for reaching your goal! Those are some awesome places that you get to shoot!

wendy price - Hi Jenny, you should go into the pet potraiture business in addition to wedding photographer! I love the action shots of Rio, Sugar and best of all Morgan. Can I have your recipe for strawberry shortcake….it looks delicious. I usually use the shortcake recipe on the Bisquick box but would love to have another recipe to try. Best regards, Wendy

Signs of Spring

Today we went for a walk in the park near our house and were happy to see some signs of spring, which is less than 2 weeks away (March 20th)! This makes me ridiculously happy because spring is my favorite time of year.

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