Meet Ben, my brand new baby boy!

Photo by Moments by Megan Photography

Benjamin Frederick Goss was born 4 weeks ago, on August 2nd! He’s a healthy little fella and is doing great so far. He weighed 9 lbs 3 oz at birth and has gained almost 3 pounds since then! Needless to say, he likes to nurse and is keeping me busy.  We are smitten with him, especially big sister Heidi, who is almost 2 and a half now. She’s delighted to have her very own baby brother and has been a good helper so far. I love when she says, “Awwww, cuuuute” in her little toddler voice. It’s been really fun seeing their little relationship begin. She’s constantly asking to hold Ben and is always checking on him and showing him her toys.  She tells me, “don’t forget the baby!” whenever we are getting ready to go somewhere and I don’t have him in my arms.  I’ve been surprised how smooth the transition from 1 to 2 kids has been, thankfully!  All that worrying for nothing!  I have had the help of my wonderful mother and mother in law the first few weeks, and now Heidi is back at montessori so it’s been manageable.

It’s interesting seeing the differences between Ben and Heidi. Thankfully, they have both been easy babies that hardly cry. Heidi was 7 lb 7 oz when she was born, and was tall and skinny. Ben is definitely more chunky. I couldn’t believe I had a 9 pound baby! He was able to move around easily in my tummy up until the very end, which led me to believe he was on the smaller side, maybe 6 or 7 pounds. He even flipped breech a few times, the last time being at 39.5 weeks, which is really unusual and had me in a panic, since it’s basically an automatic c section if you have a breech baby! He would only stay breech a couple of days at a time, and flipped back to head down before birth, thank goodness! He’s not as predictable as Heidi was and likes to keep me on my toes! He’s pretty noisy (he sounds like a little Chewbacca) and is definitely a cluster feeder. Heidi has blue eyes and blond hair and Ben has brown hair and darker eyes, but I think they are slowly turning a dark blue.  He’s becoming a bit more alert during the day, so hopefully he’ll learn that nighttime is for sleeping soon!  I’m excited to see how his personality develops. : )  I love cuddling my little boy and we are so happy to have him!

I decided to have another photographer capture some newborn portraits of Ben for me because I knew I’d be sleep deprived and wouldn’t be up to the task. Moments by Megan did an amazing job!  These pictures make me SO happy!  I’m so thankful that I had these done so that I can remember Heidi’s excitement when her little brother was born.  Pure sweetness! My heart explodes with happiness when I look at these pictures.


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