Beautiful Madison. I really enjoyed working with Madison. She had a quiet and kind sort of energy. I was happy with the images she and I got out of her senior session in Hendersonville.

It feels like second nature to photograph couples and families, since those sorts of shoots are my bread and butter. I find photographing one subject to be much more challenging. When there are two or more, they can energize each other and the emotions and energy provides a lot of substance to work with and frees me to focus more on my settings and posing.

I find that the connection between me and my subject is much more important when it’s just the two of us. When we’ve only just met, it is up to me to bridge the gap between us as quickly as possible, establish trust, a sense of fun, and help the person feel comfortable and confident. It’s an exciting challenge and I feel like I am still perfecting this art.

What helps you feel more comfortable in front of the camera? I personally feel goofy when I am being photographed and need a lot of direction. Photographers, what are your tricks for photographing a single subject? 

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