I love the Taco Truck

I love the Taco Truck, yes I do, yes I do! A few years ago, I took a picture of the Taco Truck for The Chapel Hill News and later did a multimedia project on it for a documentary photography class at UNC. I had never actually eaten at the Taco Truck before, but once I did… I was addicted. The steak and roasted pork tacos are out of this world. They are pretty simple but amazing nonetheless. They have delicious meat, cilantro and little pieces of onion in them and are contained in 2 layers of fresh, warm corn tortillas. The red hot sauce is also incredible, and I’m not even a fan of spicy things, and I wasn’t a huge fan of Mexican food until I had the tacos from the Taco Truck. Even though the food is fantastic, the very best thing about it is the people. Ranulfo Franco is one of the co-owners of the Taco Truck, and he’s a really great guy. He came from Mexico and figured out English and a ton of other things before opening the Taco Truck. He’s a vegetarian, and he makes fresh-squeezed juice. He teaches Spanish at Weaver St Market a few times a week and is just a really interesting person. You should go check them out and practice your Spanish while you are chowing down. It’s fabulous.